Completed Family Kitchen!

It has been a really busy year so far, with fabulous loyal customers returning for new work and new customers who have loved Brads talent, attention to detail and his will to go the extra mile, many of these new customers are already planning further works with Brad in mind to fulfil them!

We are always looking for new challenges, and after nearly two years of building work and a nagging wife, Brad has now nearly finished our family kitchen (which is gorgeous!). Both Brad and I have thought that sometimes when deciding on what is needed in a kitchen, layouts and un-thought of extras, it is useful to visit a working family kitchen. Because of this our home (which is behind the workshop) is always available to come and have a coffee and view, talk over ideas, what works for you, what doesn’t. You can also see the other beautiful things Brad has created through the house, from the kids stunning bedroom furniture, to my Solid Oak bed (with hidden tv) which he created as my wedding present, for ideas throughout your own homes!

We look forward to the coming months and hope that we can help provide the service you are looking for.